Studio Time w/New Music

I made it into the stdio a bit earlier than usual tonight.  It’s been a few days.  I been consumed with tasks and errands and getting ready for a road trip.  The end of the day comes, I am too tired to record.  This seems to be a common complaint from my musician friends.

Anyway, people have been asking for some new music to get some idea of what I am doing.  With that in mind, I went back to my usual way of recording.  I spent about a half hour just warming up my  hands and experimenting.  Then I turned on my recording software and recorded a couple of individual tracks.

This is the first track I recorded tonight.  The second one would need a bit of editing in order to be useful.

I am just looking at it, and I realize the software tacked on about a minute of silence on to the end.  Feel free to ignore that bit.

Well, I have made my first few tentative stops down this path, and nothing bad has happened.  I will be sharing more as I go.  As always, opinions and critiques are always welcome.

Play on.


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