First Night in the Studio

It is a bit after 3:00 am.  I’ve just come up from my studio.  I spent a couple of hours making sure everything is set up and working.  It never fails that when I sit down to record something is out of whack.  Sometimes it is the audio interface, or a driver on my computer,  or a plugin not being properly authorized.    Fortunately for this project, I am using a modicum of hardware and software, so it was relatively easy to get the studio set up and running.

To give you an idea of exactly how little I am using, I use an Arturia Keylab88 for my keyboard controller.  I am using a Focusrite audio interface.  My computer is a Samsung with Intel i7 processor.  My recording software is the latest version of Sonar.  For soundware, I am using a variety of Kontakt piano libraries from Native Instruments as well Sampletekk.  While I am not getting paid for promoting these products, I would be open to an offer.

The reason I am using multiple piano libraries is because even though I am using the same controller, each library has a unique feel to it as well as having a unique sound.  These things influence how my improvisations develop.

Another reason for my being in the studio tonight was to get the first session out of the way.  While I have been playing and practicing lately, I haven’t done any recording since last summer.  As any recording musician will tell you, once the Record light goes on the first time, everything goes out the window.  Most musicians I know plan for a throwaway session just to get back into the rhythm of recording and to get past the fear of the Record light.  So that’s what I did.

I recorded two tracks and both are definitely throwaways. They each had some moments I was fond of, but they didn’t hang together as a complete piece of music.  That will come.

In addition to the normal first session fidgets, I am contending with the fact that this is going to be my first commercial release (at least hopefully).  That means I am putting pressure on myself to record good stuff.  To counter that, I have set aside several weeks for initial recording, and I am planning on laying down at least 50 complete tracks.  From that I will pick what I feel are the best 30.  Then I am hoping some friends will help me narrow it down to the final 15 for release.  But all that is for another day.

I accomplished my goal..I got into the studio.  I debugged my set up.  And I recorded.  Time well spend.  Now to sleep.

Play on.


One thought on “First Night in the Studio

  1. Didn’t understand the technical lingo, but the feel of it, I get deep down in my soul. I can relate emotionally, if that makes any sense.


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